Launching a Successful Twitter Campaign

December 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Social media has completely changed the way brands steer their marketing toward the public. Entire campaigns are developed based solely upon certain networking platforms. Twitter, especially, can catapult a brands image onto the radar of millions of users.

A large determinate factor of the campaigns success is how interactive it is. If Twitter users can participate in someway it will help spread the word to their followers, their followers followers and so on. Customizing hashtags specific to the campaign will give it some substance and also give users a way to incorporate the brand into their customized tweet. Users, whether they participate or not, will recognize the hashtag and correspond it with the brand. Another positive to the customized hashtag is that if it gets popular enough, it will become trending so that all Twitter users will see it. In 2011, Volkswagen Brazil was promoting their new car, the Fox, through Twitter and Google Maps while also sponsoring the sold out Planeta Terra Festival. Volkswagen had hidden tickets to the concert throughout the city and the only way that these tickets could be found was if the hashtag #foxatplanetaterra was used. Every time someone tweeted this, a map showing the location of the ticket would zoom in and after time it would show where the ticket was. The hashtag became trending within two hours and remained there the entirety of the campaign.

A big trend in social media is live tweeting during events or conferences. This gives an inside perspective to those who are not in attendance. Tweeting pictures, quotes and just statements of what is going on gives a personal appeal to followers. Promoting the event a few days in advance is necessary and then when the event is happening, there should be a consistent stream while using a hashtag dedicated to the event. During the PRSA 2012 International Conference, many accounts partook in live tweeting while using the hashtag #PRSAICon.

The last and possibly the most important key to a Twitter campaign is being consistent. Nothing looks worse than an account that has sporadic activity. This looks unprofessional and makes it seem as if the brand does not see the Twitter audience as one worth focusing on. An example of Twitter done right is how Wells Fargo has a consistent stream of tweets. One thing that stands out about their Twitter is that they have many tweets that are responding to users questions and statements. This shows that Wells Fargo obviously cares for their followers and customer base.

On another note, Twitter campaigns can often go awry due to the uncontrollable opinions of users. The best defense to an unhappy tweeter would be to respond and find out how to fix what it is that upset them. This shows that the organization is aware of the issues and making an attempt to keep everyone happy.


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